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A comedic culture and politics podcast covering the unsavory bits of the internet, media, and government. Hosted by Jayme Karales (Rotten, Convenience Store Diet), Kenney Dorcely (Wizard, The Hutchcast), Christoph Paul (author of Great White House), and filmmaker Hans Lam Barboza.
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Jul 28, 2017

President Trump has declared that no transgender individuals will be allowed to enlist in the military. The hosts unpack that and then move onto the latest creation from the show runners of Game of Thrones - CONFEDERATE. Confederate will be a television series following the premise of the South having won the Civil War. After all that... TOXIC MASCULINITY - is it a thing?

Plus: Will there eventually be a universal income? Will America become a socialist country? Can Trump defeat the Deep State!? All this and more on the latest JOHN PODESTA'S PIZZA PARTY

Jul 20, 2017

In this week's episode Hans takes the reins due to technical errors thwarting the plans of the rest of the Pizza Party. Hans rants about comedy, censorship, and everything in between.

Jul 14, 2017

In this episode the Pizza Party discusses the trend of new wave feminists creating 'sex positive' videos featuring children, from 9-year-old drag queens to parents creepily teaching their kids how to masturbate with sex toys. Then the Pizza Party also talks about why Trump hasn't been able to pass many bills since taking office.


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Jul 12, 2017

Jayme, Hans, and Kenney were invited on Kansas' biggest show The Derek Releford Show to discuss John Podesta's Pizza Party, comedy, politics, and everything in between. 

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Jul 8, 2017

This week we get into CNN doxing a 15 year old boy over making a Pro-Trump gif, Linda Sarsour referring to anti-Trump protests as "Jihad", Milo's new book 'Dangerous' reaching #1 on Amazon, and of course the latest in the Kevin Strange/Jeremy Maddux controversy after being attacked on the latest Reading to Strangers podcast.

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Jul 5, 2017

In this episode the complete hosting panel, along with former guests and new ones give their reflections on America and Independence Day. 

Featured Panelists Include (in order):

1. Jayme Karales (Host of John Podesta's Pizza Party)
2. Christine Yoo (Producer of Rotten)
3. Christoph Paul (Host of John Podesta's Pizza Party)
4. Jacob A. Miller (Host of John Podesta's Pizza Party)
5. Hans Lam Barboza (Host of John Podesta's Pizza Party)
6. Pawl Bazile (Managing Director of Proud Boy Magazine)
7. Leza Cantoral (Author of Cartoons in the Suicide Forest)
8. Zach Elmblad (Founder of Elmblad Media Group)
9. Kristoffer Ian Celera (Pro-Trump Political Pundit)
10. Jeff Burk (Author of Shatner Quest)
11. Gregg Golding (Director of 001 Trolling)
12. Kenney Dorcely (Host of John Podesta's Pizza Party)
13. Mandy DeSandra (Author of Kirk Cameron & The Crocoduck of Chaos Magick)

Jun 30, 2017

Leza Cantoral (Get Lit with Leza) joins as guest to discuss Trump, whether or not the media is dishonest, Sofia Coppola and her upcoming film The Beguiled, meeting racial/gender quotas in scripted projects and fiction, and why claims of cultural appropriation are a sham.

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Jun 27, 2017

Proud Boy Magazine production director Pawl Bazile and Bizarro author Jeff Burk go head to head in a debate with the boys about feminism, Islam, the success of Trump's administration, and then they discuss their favorite serial killers.

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Jun 24, 2017

This week Trump supporter and libertarian Kristoffer Ian Celera is on the show to discuss the dying mainstream media, the 2016 presidential election, and the cultural fallout of Trump's win. Celera was labeled the "Token Minority of the Alt-Right" by Antifa and doxxed simply for being an anti-leftist protestor. 

Jun 20, 2017

The title alone should tell you what you're in for. The boys have a debate over whether or not cuckoldry is racist, but also discuss Alex Jones appearing on Megyn Kelly, Tariq Nasheed, and the recent Julius Caesar/Donald Trump play that was interrupted by protesters.

They also revisit the topic of Kevin Strange & Jeremy Maddux upon finding a nasty comment about beloved Costa Rican superstar Hans on the most recent John Podesta's Pizza Party video on LowRes Wünderbred.

Jun 16, 2017

This week we have YouTuber Nicholas Goroff (Wizard of Cause) on to discuss radical feminism, Islam, and how the left has become illiberal. 

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Jun 13, 2017

Jeremy Maddux is back this week with the boys to discuss Seth Rich, Wikileaks, Kathy Griffin, violence breaking out at protests, and what qualifies as 'Fake News'.

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Jun 12, 2017

A continuation of last week's episode entitled Strangeville. The boys decide to rebutt to Bizarro author Kevin Strange's latest podcast, which attacked them.  

Jun 5, 2017

AUTHORS ONLY. Author and The Quiet Place podcast host Jeremy Maddux stops by the show in a two-parter. In this first episode he and Christoph Paul debate the tactics of the left and right, the Bizarro community, Kevin Strange, and the Brain Keene/Craig Spector feud. 

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May 19, 2017

In this episode we discuss former FBI director James Comey and his firing, the latest Russia scandal and the delusions of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton's newest Super PAC, a potential debate between Alex Jones and Keith Olbermann, California's politics, and a lot more.

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May 19, 2017

This is a prequel to Episode 22 featuring Behind the Scenes audio and exclusive inside information on the Illuminati and Chase Bank. 

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May 12, 2017

Audible may have dumped us, but the show must go on. This week Marine Le Pen's loss, Milo's return, the dismantling of Obamacare, and Stephen Colbert's "homophobic" joke resulting in an FCC probe are discussed.

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Apr 26, 2017

After a two week hiatus the boys are back for a double round this week discussing the obscure racial slurs, The United States of Kenneda, old age, the United airline incident, and a lot more. 

Apr 8, 2017

In this episode the boys cover everything Syria -- the missile strike on their airbase, the refugees, and everything in between. Predictably, the conversation results in a debate. How exciting! 

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Mar 30, 2017

In this continuation of the last episode the boys have Garrett Schuelke and Zach Elmblad back on to talk about Planned Parenthood, federal funding, the identity politics surrounding Netflix's Iron Fist mini-series, and more.


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Mar 23, 2017

Jon Tron did nothing wrong!!! The boys are back after a week off and are catching up on all of the current events, including Newsweek editor Kurt Eichenwald claiming he was assaulted with a deadly weapon -- a gif, JonTron sounding a bit racist on a live stream, Trump's budget and his snubbing of a handshake with Angela Merkel, among other things. This is part one of a two part episode so get hip, listen to the next one coming soon.

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Mar 10, 2017

THE DARK NET!!! It's spooky, scary, and contains plenty of things that are quite illegal. But before the boys discuss that seedy corner of the internet, they talk about last week's transgender debate with Mike LeMay, male feminist and comedian Jamie Killstein's sexual assault allegations, Facebook's policing of meme pages and the outstanding hypocrisy of social media runners, the latest Wikileaks dump outting the CIA, and of course... porn. 

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Mar 3, 2017

This week there's a tense argument over trans people, their rights, and which bathrooms they should be allowed to use. Oh, and Look to the Cookie host Germar Derron and political pundit Mike LeMay stop by the show to discuss that, Donald Trump's first speech to congress, Rachel Dolezal's argument for the legitimacy of trans-racial individuals, and the odds of any Democrats beating God Emperor Trump in 2020. 

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